I Drive Change Through Communicatons

Developing strategies to innovate, understand, and empower communities, and regions locally, nationally and internationally.

I have lived the life of the “American dream.” I began my career in my native country Sweden at 14 with one goal: to make a difference in the world.

After forging my mother’s signature at 16, I became an exchange student in the United States at 17. I am now a proud American.

With a genuine curiosity for cultures, I studied and traveled the globe. My studies spanned across continents, and I achieved my bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Master’s degree in Social Science.

For decades, I listened, analyzed, researched, and brought my unique perspective to C-level executives, elected officials, entrepreneurs, community organizers, and residents – always aiming to solve communication problems and drive change – and ultimately making a difference in people’s lives.

Sabina Ramsey, Principal, Insight Communication LLC

Critical Thought

Embracing Possibilities

Creating Impact