Speaking Topics

Book Sabina Ramsey to motivate, inspire, and educate around communication topics critical from a cultural and social perspective.

Speaking Topic 1:

Embrace Your American Dream

The 1931 idea of “The American Dream” is the belief that anyone can become prosperous if they call the United States their home. Fast forward to the 21st century, and a lot has changed. People from all backgrounds are fighting for upward mobility in a society plagued with economic inequality, political turmoil, and social injustice. So how can you embrace, individualize and execute your version of The American Dream?

In this powerful presentation, the audience will learn:

– Understanding “The American Dream” and how it affects our society today.

– How leaders can customize their version of “The American Dream” to impact their teams, organizations, and community.

– The impact of individual “The American Dreams” and how they will make our country a better place – starting with you.

Speaking Topic 2:

Create an Impactful Movement

Influential leaders drive change by providing their community with a message that holds actionable steps toward transformation, ie, a “movement.” The most successful movements resonate with the people it is meant to serve, which is why knowing the cornerstones of its creation is critical to its success.

In this session, the audience will walk away knowing:

  • The key parts of a thriving movement.
  • How to effectively use the power of networking (digital and in-person) to spread thoughts and ideas.
  • A proven framework to use for your movement’s communication, implementation, and efficiency.

Appeared in:

"I was very inspired by Sabina. She led a discussion course on branding your business image. I took countless notes and learned so much from her experience and knowledge. She is very good at including the audience and having us each share questions, and trouble shooting our problems. I am looking forward to hearing more from Sabina, she is a great role model and teacher."

Liz Midkiff

"I am always excited to meet with Sabina, and learn about the projects she is working on. Her passion for creating beautiful brands, and ability to develop marketing collateral is of the highest quality. In addition, her involvement in the community, and her leadership roles in various organizations make her a qualified and admired spokesperson-- I am happy to know that Sabina is a quick phone call away, and love being able to work with her!"

Steven Czyrny

"Sabina Ramsey has made a prolific impact on my life: she encourages individuals to identify their purpose and to trust their instincts (doing so with a candid and comical style), and she demonstrates wisdom in the compassion and genuine interest she has when speaking to or with people."

Mary Beth Lacki